Wolves of the Stonehold

A whole new Role-play experience!


Wolves of the Stonehold is a strange mist-filled island, crowded with all species of wolves. Two packs feast, live, and fight on and over the land. One fights for justice and the other for power.  

Whose pack will you join?

What is your fate?


 Please check out the Rules, Ranks, Herbs page. If you would like to join, click on the section located at the top called Joining & Forums and fill out the information. To join as Healer, please contact the Staff. Also, look out for Gatherings and plots!

Have fun, and we hope to meet you in the world of role-playing!






The territorries are coated in a fresh, white layer. Wolves play through the coldness, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. However, prey has become increasingly scarce and hunger is threatening the Packs. No doubt the sound of joyous playing will fade.


  • This site is currently inactive.
  • Please post on the forums again if you would like to join the Packs/Loners.
  • Please feel free to start or join in role-plays! 
  • Message a member of WOTSS on what you think should happen this Winter!
  • Knight is putting up two Facebook pages for Wolves of the Stonehold, go check them out and like em. (Wolves of the Stonehold-Group page and Wolf Lovers Club-Group page). Also Wolves of the Stonehold on deviantArt.


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