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A slightly brutish wolf with a dusky black coat. Broad shoulders yet evenly shaped, small paws. Large, knowing golden eyes. A swift, overly large tail helps him balance his skinny frame.


Kind. Cunning. Curt. Blunt. Swift. Sneaky. Intelligent. Pretty much, a wolf with a loss for words.

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10:27 AM on February 28, 2013 
i need to talk to you about some pack related stuff plz message me so that we can talk
Reply .: Cinder :.
11:05 AM on February 22, 2013 
AARRRRH -dives-
Reply ♥ Huntress ♥
8:26 PM on February 21, 2013 
but......but.... :( lol
Reply Sheeva
9:09 AM on February 21, 2013 
*She arfs again and wags her tail*
Reply DJ-Knight
9:17 PM on February 20, 2013 
Reply DETH/snow/xaan
5:39 PM on February 19, 2013 
:P hehehe
Reply DJ-Knight
3:18 PM on February 19, 2013 
-throws a nice looking book at fendo's face- I now have a personal Face book
Reply Sheeva
9:03 AM on February 19, 2013 
*Arfs softly and wags her tiny tail*
Reply ♥ Huntress ♥
8:59 PM on February 18, 2013 
lol, Deth) Fendor! u could wound someone doing that! *runs around circling u.*
Reply DETH/snow/xaan
12:44 AM on February 18, 2013 
eeeeeeeeeeeeeek a wolf ahh i dident thinklk ther would be wolves on a site with wolf rp
Reply ♥ Huntress ♥
11:14 PM on February 17, 2013 
Haha :P Sugar Ninga? -ducks and summer salts-
Reply ♥ Huntress ♥
11:27 AM on February 15, 2013 
hehe, welcome
Reply .: Iye :.
9:41 AM on February 15, 2013 
Reply ♥ Huntress ♥
8:32 PM on February 13, 2013 
Yeah, love the pic Fend ;)
Reply DJ-Knight
9:36 PM on February 11, 2013 
I loves your picture and profile -noms pictures-
Reply DJ-Knight
7:51 AM on January 15, 2013 
Blah blah blah -steels cookies and runs-
Reply Rune€ and Karriani£
9:53 PM on January 10, 2013 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply ♥ Huntress ♥
8:52 PM on January 4, 2013 
Hello (: Thank u
Reply DJ-Knight
10:27 AM on November 7, 2012 
I take your puppeh dog -pets dog-
Reply .: Cinder :.
1:49 AM on October 6, 2012 


The territorries are coated in a fresh, white layer. Wolves play through the coldness, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. However, prey has become increasingly scarce and hunger is threatening the Packs. No doubt the sound of joyous playing will fade.


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  • Please post on the forums again if you would like to join the Packs/Loners.
  • Please feel free to start or join in role-plays! 
  • Message a member of WOTSS on what you think should happen this Winter!
  • Knight is putting up two Facebook pages for Wolves of the Stonehold, go check them out and like em. (Wolves of the Stonehold-Group page and Wolf Lovers Club-Group page). Also Wolves of the Stonehold on deviantArt.


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