Wolves of the Stonehold

A whole new Role-play experience!

"We are usually savages. We are your worst nightmares. We kill without consent. We are worse than the Druids. Our location is usually unspecified. We are most likely ruthless creatures without a heart or feelings, though some weak wolves don't think that way. Oh, those are the ones that stand in the way of nature, they don't know what is right for them. Sometimes we travel in gangs, sometimes alone. You may meet a dog or two when you're out here, though they are unlikely to survive the trip to their precious humans after the encounter with us. And as I mentioned some of the weak wolves may have pups with them. How disgusting. Anyway. Good luck surviving here. Go home unharmed and safe...."


 Narrow Peak



Clawboard River



Crumbling Gorge



No-tail Place








Wild cats:







The territorries are coated in a fresh, white layer. Wolves play through the coldness, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. However, prey has become increasingly scarce and hunger is threatening the Packs. No doubt the sound of joyous playing will fade.


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