Wolves of the Stonehold

A whole new Role-play experience!

The Heart Stone

"This place is sacred. This is neutral territory. Any fighting here will be taken badly and you may be rejected by us. Who is 'us', you may be wondering? We are the ancestors, any wolf that are in the packs and die come here. Dare to come and talk to us? We only share tongues when you are in a completely calm state of mind. This bright blue stone, called the Sapphire Stone, reflects any light from around and gives it a bright, shattered appearance. Touch your nose to it, and you'll see what we see...."


The territorries are coated in a fresh, white layer. Wolves play through the coldness, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. However, prey has become increasingly scarce and hunger is threatening the Packs. No doubt the sound of joyous playing will fade.


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