Wolves of the Stonehold

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A hollow with pits in the ground. The hollow is fenced with undergrowth all the way around. There is only one way out or in. Wolves from all packs come here to settle disagreements and disputes. In the pits, wolves battle, one on one. Some wolves watch the fights and make bets with others on the winner. Other wolves fight to win land, food, respect, a title, or practice with other wolves from other packs. This is a place that wolves can fight each other without involving their packs. Loners come here and fight to win an easy meal. The hollow belongs to no-one, it's a place of truce - though a place of bloodshed and sometimes even death.


Rules of Fights:

  1. The fight is not over until a wolf surrenders or is dead.
  2. The fight can not begin until both wolves agree to a winning and losing charge.
  3. Pups must be with an older wolf. (This is a dangerous place, and not ment for young wolves)
  4. The watching wolves may not interfere with a fight once it starts.
  5. After a wolf surrenders, the winning wolf is left alone. The surrendering wolf can't attack after the fight is over.
  6. All wolves must agree to these rules before entering!
  7. Message Fendor, Cinder and/or Knight to schedule a fight.
  8. Fights are posted on the notice board at the side.





Fighting Pit




Outer Ring

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Ring Leaders:

  • Fendor
  • Knight
  • Torak
  • Cinder




Lost Blood:





The territorries are coated in a fresh, white layer. Wolves play through the coldness, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. However, prey has become increasingly scarce and hunger is threatening the Packs. No doubt the sound of joyous playing will fade.


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